Iwo Zaniewski. Born Warsaw, 22 May 1956. Polish painter, photographer, director and artistic director of PZL advertising agency (Przybora, Zaniewski, Ltd.). From 1976 to 1981 Zaniewski studied at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. Until the mid 1980’s active solely as a painter but later began creative work in commercials and photography. As a painter, Zaniewski works mostly in oils and drawing media. His themes usually centre on scenes from everyday life while his earlier works are still lives, nudes and the occasional landscape. Iwo Zaniewski Despite changes in the convention as to the portrayal of reality over subsequent periods the characteristic feature of Zaniewski’s paintings has remained essentially that of composition. His Use of Composition rest upon an arrangement of forms wherein every potential alteration would give rise to a break down of cohesive construction and a deterioration of harmony. As such, his paintings are not readily ascribed to any one particular requisite trend in the history of contemporary art. The key to Zaniewski’s work is not its context or its being a public medium, rather a visual sensitivity in seeing comprehensively.

Zaniewski’s first commercial projects were for the Spanish advertising agency Bassat, Ogilvy & Mather in Barcelona. Thereafter, his first Polish commercials were for ITI Agency. From 1992 to 1999 he was the artistic director of the Grey Agency in Warsaw. He created advertising campaigns for lead brands such as Knorr, Frugo, Okocim, Radio Zet, Lucky Strike, Malma. In 1999, along with Kot Przybora he founded the PZL Advertising Agency, where hs is now both the artistic and commercial director. PZL has created advertising campaigns for Frugo, Dębowe Mocne, Żubr, Redds, Orlen, Tetley, Olej Kujawski, Manuel, Simplus, and the longest-running Polish advertising campaign for brand name Plus.


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Exhibitions and prizes

  • 2008

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    Gallery All, individual exhibition, Beijing, China

    International Art Fair, Shanghai, China

    Wison Art Center, individual exhibition, Shanghai, China

    Levant Gallery, individual exhibition, Shanghai, China

    Sunshine Museum Beijing, inauguration of Sunshine Museum collective exhibition Beijing, China

    CANART - Institute of Contemporary Art, inauguration of Canart, collective exhibition, Shanghai, China

  • 2005

    National Museum in Cracow, Chartoryski Museum Arsenal, retrospective exhibition under the patronage of the Polish Ministry of Culture, Cracow, Poland

  • 2004

    Opus Film Gallery, individual photography exhibition. Lodz, Poland

  • 1990

    Inny Swiat Gallery, individual exhibition, Cracow, Poland

  • 1989

    SARP Gallery, individual exhibition, Warsaw, Poland

    Internationale Kunstausstellung Freiburg, collective exhibition, Freiburg, Germany

  • 1986

    Albrech Halne private exhibition. individual exhibition, Hamburg, Germany

    Triennale Kalisz Regional Museum, collective exhibition, Kalisz, Poland

  • 1985

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    Art Basel, Basel, Switzerland

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  • 1984

    Centre d’Estudios d’Art Contemporani, Barcelona, Spain

    Grand Prix ad the 1984 Joan Miro Foundation International Competition, Barcelona Spain

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  • 1982

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  • 1981

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  • 1980

    Galerie am Ritterplan, individual exhibition, Gottingen, Germany

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